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Pastor, Personal Finance Coach, Marriage Mentor, and Family Man

A Quick Background

I serve at

High Point

Assembly of God

Royse City, TX

AS ASsociate Pastor


Credentialed with the AG

since 2014

Ministry areas

Leadership, Administration, Young Adults, FAmily, & Connections

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us at

High Point

I love my awesome


Jennie, Gracie, and Josiah

Three Fun Facts

I'm a personal Finance Coach

I love helping people get back on track. I use and teach people how to budget using YNAB.

I do premarital counseling

I use the SYMBIS assessment and walk through important questions before folks tie the knot.

I'm an amateur Genealogist

I love finding and preserving inspiring stories from the past. My own family website: cresshistory.com

More about me

I manage websites

If you have a small business or ministry that needs a website, I can help you make it happen.

I'm tech savvy

I have over a decade of experience helping resolve technical issues in a business office setting.

I'm a planning center wiz

If your church uses Planning Center, I can help you use it more fully.

Things I Love

These are just some of the things that make me feel alive!

Cup of Coffee with Froth


Star Trek gesture: the Vulcan salute

Star Trek

Banff National Park


Christian cross concept: Silhouette cross on mountain sunset background


Looking forward

to connecting with you!

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